November 13, 2006

He's smarter too...

There he was, on my television, dressed in a snazzy suit, head of blond curls, that darling grin, and standing behind a podium.

Neil Patrick Harris will be on Celebrity Jeopardy! They are filming at Rockefellar Center, around the corner from where I work.

Was the commerical a message? The answer in form of a question? What is my only means to regain my status as the gayest Neil?

This week, dear dandies, I'm kidnapping Neil Patrick Harris. I think the show tapes on Thursday? Guess I need to find out.

Also, Bryce and I are also looking at bedroom sets, I'll keep you posted if we go Provencial or Modern.

1 comment:

Bigg said...

If you do kidnap NPH, I have an extra bedroom where you can stash him...