April 21, 2006

At Issue: Bears!

At long last, H/X magazine has tossed us bears a bone. The first ever bear issue. In addition to my weekly astrology column, in this issue you'll find my charmingly critical review of New York City's best bear bars. But you'll have to get a copy and read it yourself, because the website only hosts their feature articles.

Also included is a preview of the quickly approaching Bingham Cup. In one month this city will be jam packed with gay ruggers from around the world. I expect all of you to root for the Gotham Knights. You can have your pick of our competition once the tournament is done.

Also, check out Bryce and I. We're listed #3 in the top ten of Manhattan's influential "power bears". Just kidding.

Yay! Now that I have hairy man-flesh on my site, maybe I'll start getting hits. Hairy Manflesh is the best name ever for a bear porn star.

And so there is no confusion, that is not me on the cover. Stop asking!


Glenn said...

Now I have a reason to go out into the rain. So what is the best bear bar, and when are we going?

Mark said...

You made sexy bartender Tim blush.

Anonymous said...

You got BabyFizzle's name wrong!!!!

Raybob said...

Well, the hairy manflesh got me here.