April 24, 2006

Poulet Tart sur le Pot


Mike P. said...

You guys rule!!!!!
Aaron has got some competition.
I had proposed Thanksgiving @ Aaron's,
But now I'm thinking
we should organize a potluck. LOL.
Was the Jim Beam in the background to cook in the sauce?
or to sauce up the cooks?

Aaron said...

I love it!

Foxy said...

I've tried to think of a joke involving fake cuts, chicken pot pie, lesbians, and scary pictures of Bryce. I got nothing.

Mark said...

Love you both.

Made me spit coffee on my desk.


Gayest Neil said...

Inever realized what delicate, teensy little wrists I have. I'm totally gonna try out for Miss Real at this year's Ball.

circleinasquare said...

In the pics, it looks like you have two ovens, just like Julia!
The dish slides into one, and emerges immediately in golden browned glory from the other.

Aaron never feeds me.
Maybe I'll have better luck with you all?

Gayest Neil said...

We call it the "Golden Brown Glory Hole".

David said...

That's just naaasty.

Nicole said...

The fake injuries are a nice touch.

Raybob said...