November 17, 2005

I Love Bubbles...

Lisa, wherever you are, please know there is a group of gay men who loved you. You were a drunk. You were crazy. You talked to shrubs. You wore feathered headbands. You loved bubbles. You were unfairly eliminated.

Dandies and friends, I hereby add Lisa to my shrine of "could of been" America's Next Top Model. It's an austere group of former reality television proto-models who should have won their prospective seasons. (Or atleast stayed around longer for fun's sake.) Lisa be comforted you are among sterling peers.

For additional Lisa separation anxiety please check out FourFour and Nervous Breakdown.

I heart you Elyse. I heart you Shandi (even though I see you on the PATH train). I heart you Norelle. I heart you, especially, Beer Weave. I heart you Lisa. I miss you already...

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