November 29, 2005

Bedding Down

We need a new bed. Currently, in preparation for moving to Brooklyn next year, Bryce and I are making due switching between the two futons in our apartment. Why buy an expensive bed, pay for it to be delivered, only to have to move the damnable thing in a few months? Why?

Bed bugs! I scratch in the night. I wake up with little marks on me. And I'm certain I heard a squealing noise last night similiar to the aliens from "Alien". I did some sleuthing this morning and was non too surprised to discover that bed bugs are making a comeback! Here are some choice quotes from the article:

"When you're sleeping in your own bed, and you're senseless, they come out and take a blood meal," he says. "That's creepy."
"It's a psychological issue," says Mannes. "You don't want to go to bed and think, "Oh, something's going to bite me and drink my blood."

"There's a major yuck factor here."

Indeed there is some yuck going on! I'm certain a contributing factor is our eating on the futon which then becomes our spot of slumber; our carnal cradle. There seems to be an abundant amount of crumbs in our bed. At a posh dinner, giddy in a wino's stupor, I went as far as to (half)jokingly ask the waitress if I could borrow her crumb scraper for my futon. She darted away and avoided eye contact with me for the rest of the meal. Sigh... Sleep tight dear reader.

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Jerry said...

the futon is an inherent breeder of weird things. I had a friend who discovered it had worms. They were dormant all winter, then started squirming come spring. I so wanted her to hold out to at least seem them leave pupae and become some glorious night moth. Alas, the sleep was more important. Damn. sleepers.