November 16, 2005

Killer Blog

David Ludwig, 18, stands accused of the murder of his 14 year old girlfriend's parents. Is this his blog?

From CNN.COM: Teens had Web sites
Each had a Web site. Borden's talked about attending prayer groups and her interest in soccer and baby-sitting.
On his site, Ludwig quoted lyrics from a Christian rock band and discussed his affinity for computers and volleyball. He worked as a lifeguard and at an electronics store during the summer.

Edit: Oh! How about this one.

Edit #2: Oh... maybe it is this one? Wow these crazy kids these days. They have so many blogs. Wow. What is most intriguing is clicking through his links for all the opinions of the friends who knew him and the Bordens.

Edit #3: Holy shit (pardon my French) THESE ARE SOME CHRISTIAN WACKOS! Loving it. Loving it. Several of the links blame the liberal media ("LM"). Others are saying LM are putting homeschoolers in a bad light. Ludwig was a Christian homeschooled kid. haha. This is fun.

Edit #4: And - yes, should you believe I am a souless bastard, may I add in my defense, having now read over half of the front pages of Ludwig's links, that his friends are a very compassionate sort. Unfortunately it's a breed of selective compassion. Everyone is praying for the Bordens and for David... However, I haven't seen one person praying for the dead parents. Noone has wished their souls God's speed into Heaven. Noone has even MENTIONED the two cold corpses, this FOURTEEN year old's parents! Instead everyone refers to it as a "bad thing" or simply fail to mention it. HYPOCRISY! It's this kind of blatant hypocrisy that drives me nuts. I want to see some retribution here people! David's friend's blogs: Get on that. Back to the list...

For True Crime fans - check out the Dark Side. Quite a detailed blog covering a subject I find most distasteful, but some find fascinating.


Foxy said...

Aw, this took me back to that April 20th when I looked up Dylan and Eric's AOL profiles shortly after they shot up their school. Ah, Columbine, I miss ya.

Gayest Neil said...

I hope he'll continue his blog behind bars. Would love read some nasty prison rape non-fiction!