November 29, 2005

Dr. G. Andrew James

It's a rare occassion that I find myself choked up. But today I tip my hat to my amazing younger brother. As of this afternoon, Andy is a doctor of neuroscience.

There's so much to write about this special guy. And a proper essay shall be writ, but for the time being, I hoist a mug of iced tea to you my little buddy. The world is a better place with you studying the mysteries of the brain.

Now on to the important stuff: can you prescribe narcotics for my friends and I? Kidding! No, really? Can you?


Foxy said...

I'm not saying anything, but I'd probably blow him for a few prescriptions. I'm not saying anything, understand. Just sayin'.

BerenOiSe said...


it's my first time here, and i like the way you write about your brother!

so, about narcotics it's good a idea!