October 04, 2006

More shocking IM's found!

Maf54 said at 9:39AM: Back

CandyDandy69 said at 9:39AM: That was a long time. Where’d you go?

Maf54 said at 9:39AM: Doing work from home.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:40AM: What do you do?

Maf54 said at 10:23AM: Rather not talk about that…

CandyDandy69 said at 10:26AM: I’m an astrologist. Well… I write an astrology column.

CandyDandy69 said at 10:26AM: I like IMing w/ you. You sound like a pretty sane guy.

Maf54 said at 10:28AM: Hardly

Maf54 said at 10:31AM: I have a confession to make. I’ve never told anyone… But you seem like a pretty OK guy too.

CandyDandy69 said at 10:31AM: I have a confession too!!!

Maf54 said at 10:46AM: Oh... well want to hear mine first?

CandyDandy69 said at 10:47AM: Mine is pretty good.
andyDandy69 said at 10:50AM: You there?! You don’t want to hear mine?

Maf54 said at 10:55AM: Sorry work. OK! Jesus, what’s your confession!?

CandyDandy69 said at 11:00PM: No. Nevermind Mr. Snippy. You go first. You brought it up I guess..

Maf54 said at 11:02AM: Ok. I’ve never told anyone this.

Maf54 said at 11:03AM: When I was a kid, like 13-15. A clergyman… well he… he was inappropriate with me… Very inappropriate.

CandyDandy69 said at 11:04PM: LMAO! Is that it!? Man, mine is way better than that. I thought you were gonna tell me you killed somebody or something. Here’s mine:

Maf54 said at 11:04PM: ........................................................

CandyDandy69 said at 11:04PM: Like I was at the Gap and I went into the dressing room and totally flirted with a salesman and he gave me a free pair of jeans! ISN’T THAT AWESOME?! Removed the tag and everything. It was before I met my sweet and loving boyfriend.

CandyDandy69 said at 11:10PM: U there/

Maf54 said at 11:34PM: Hang on. Chatting w/ friend.

CandyDandy69 said at 11:35PM: I’m eating a sandwich on foccacia bread

CandyDandy69 said at 11:35PM: didn't realize is was going to be so greasy

CandyDandy69 said at 11:35PM: kind of like a pizza hut deep dish pizza, but it’s a sandwich. OMG! Have you seen that Lasagna Pizza. That’s crazy nasty. But I bet it’d be good.

Maf54 said at 11:36PM: Maybe when you’re in dc for session we can get a hotel room. If they wonder, tell them it’s a dinner thing.

CandyDandy69 said at 11:36PM: What?!

Maf54 said at 11:37PM: Sorry………………… wrong box. Gotta go.

CandyDandy69 said at 1:36PM: Uhmm ok bye.

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