October 03, 2006

IM in trouble now.

Message history for Apr 28, 2006

Maf54 said at 8:58AM: Good morning.

CandyDandy69 said at 8:58AM: Hey.

CandyDandy69 said at 8:58AM: Whats up?

Maf54 said at 8:58AM: Are you sixteen?

CandyDandy69 said at 8:59AM: Eww.

Maf54 said at 9:01AM: Just joking. So what’s up?

CandyDandy69 said at 9:01AM: I asked you first.

Maf54 said at 9:01AM: Sure. Nothing. I saw you in the chat room. Nice stats.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:01AM: Yawn. Zzzzzzz!

Maf54 said at 9:03AM: Are you sleepy? Slip into something more comfortable…

CandyDandy69 said at 9:04AM: Whatevs. My name is Neil. I’m a Libra and living in NYC.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:04AM: I like dancing and poetry and water colors.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:04AM: Before you ask, I do have a boyfriend, but we’re kind of in an open relationship.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:04AM: Well… not really I guess. But I can like chat and stuff with guys..

CandyDandy69 said at 9:05AM: Prolly shouldn’t though. Cause like we both have tempers. Well he doesn’t. I do. Once I got so angry I tossed over an entire bookshelf of books. Like heavy books! And then I threw myself into the bookcase and gave myself a black eye. I told everyone it was rugby related. Was pretty dramatic! I wish I had my camera going at the time. Would have been great to put it on YouTube.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:05AM: I’m also a non-practicing Wiccan and an astrologist. I don’t do black magic though because a few years back I was pretty into the dark arts, as it were. I think for several eyars a malevolent spirit was chasing me. Maybe the ghost of a serial killer? Dunno. What are you wearing?

Maf54 said at 9:06AM: That’s a lot of info.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:06AM: Wearing?

Maf54 said at 9:06AM: Shorts and a t-shirt.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:07AM: Hot.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:07AM: I’m in socks.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:07AM: Just. Socks. Striped socks.

Maf54 said at 9:08AM: yeah. That’s it. Sounds nice.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:08AM: Is this Foxy?

CandyDandy69 said at 9:08AM: Foxy, is that you?

Maf54 said at 9:08AM: Who?

Maf54 said at 9:13AM: I don’t know Foxy.

Maf54 said at 9:13AM: Friend of yours?

CandyDandy69 said at 9:13AM: Yeah.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:14AM: He plays pranks.

Maf54 said at 9:14AM: I love pranks. Like tricks?

CandyDandy69 said at 9:15AM: Sure. Who doesn’t.

Maf54 said at 9:16AM: Do you like dinner?

CandyDandy69 said at 9:16AM: It’s a little early for dinner…

CandyDandy69 said at 9:16AM: But yeah. I love free food.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:16AM: Doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s free I’ll eat it.

Maf54 said at 9:17AM: Well maybe we can get dinner.

Maf54 said at 9:19AM: You ever make it to DC?

CandyDandy69 said at 9:19AM: Once there was the bucket of meat in college

CandyDandy69 said at 9:19AM: It wasn’t rotten, but noone else was gonna eat it. So I was like, well it’s free. I’ll take it home and fry it or freeze it for later. It wasn’t rotten. They said it wasn’t.

CandyDandy69 said at 9:19AM: Man did I get sick! Hospital for three dyas.

Maf54 said at 9:20AM: Hold on phone.

to be continued...


Foxy said...

Yay! You are back.

And you are right...I do shit like that to my friends all the time.

Glenn said...

I saw that bucket of meat! I wanted it so badly, but then I talked to some guys for a while. When I went back, it was gone!

I think that's why I'm gay.

Aaron said...