June 23, 2006

No Advantage...

Play On...

Friday, Pride weekend. It is supposed to rain during the march.

Last Saturday's drama is officially a non-issue. Water under the bridge. The Board is working on a statement.

And when it's released, I'll add it to the record of what happened.

If you're curious:

OutSports Article and The Advocate's follow-up.

Can't wait to go to Montreal.


Paul said...

The last time I remember rain during the parade was 1997... I still had a blast.. I think.

MEK the Bear said...

I was appalled at hearing the GK story, I'm glad to hear it's been resolved, my first thought was actually of you when I read it. "How did Neil react?", but I guess you guys took the high road and decided not to stoop to their level of stupidity. Well done I say!