June 15, 2006

Mission Accomplished! #63

About "Mission Accomplished!"

Nearly three years ago, I began to collaborate with my buddy Fink on his political parody site, Fink Tank 3000. Being that we were both single, lonely nerds (of different sexual orientations) we spent alot of time in his basement apartment playing Risk, drinking 40 oz beers and getting freaked out by the nation's state of affairs.

It was during one such melting of minds that my pseudonym came into being.

Fink: "What's the gayest name you can think of?"
GN: "Gayest Neil."

In addition to having a gay style column, I created a weekly cartoon based on our adventures. Thus, "Mission Accomplished!" was born. Fink Tank 3000's old format was published every Tuesday. Now he updates daily.

Anyways, a recent break up on his part and a renewed focus on my website (and rugby) led to an extended hiatus of a few months on both our parts. Now, Fink is living back in the old neighborhood. He finally has cable again, so Fink Tank 3000 is up and running.

Check out Fink Tank 3000 every day. And while you're there take the time to look at the 62 other Mission Accomplished! cartoons. I want to build a website specifically for the comic, but want it to be really cool. Currently I'm lacking the skill or time.


Mike P. said...

It's moments like these
that make me feel like
you're a brother from another mother.

Just awesome. :)

CawfeeGuy said...

ROFL that's wonderful!