March 07, 2006

Dandy Bandit

This week's Maudlin Report has some strangely similiar zingers tossed into the mix of usual no-name name dropping and bitter "clubland used to be better" bon mots. Hmph.
Imitation is a sincere form of flattery... I suppose. Can't help wondering when the Voice will find a fresh, new scene queen who actually engages partiers instead of skulking about the rafters, avoiding eye contact.


Foxy said...

Aw...say what you will about Musto, he's right about being bitter about NYC nightlife. It's a shadow of what it once was.

Mark said...

Hey, I noticed that too!

Musto's been sucking for ages. He's mean spirited and bitter. It's no fun reading him anymore.

It might actually help if he actually attended some of the clubs and bars he's ripped to shreds.

Aaron said...

I haven't read his columns in ages, but I see him out and about. You are correct about his party attitude. He lurks.