January 04, 2006

Rock’N Roll’N Grrlz

What’s better than tough girls? Tough girls on skates, that’s what!

A&E’s new drameality serial Rollergirls fills my need for kick-butt tough girls in my life. I have a few already, but I need more, more, more! The show is filmed in the style of MTV’s successful Laguna Beach, with the polished slickness of an indoor roller skating rink. (Apparently both shows are not scripted. Whatevah.) This similarity is not surprising as both shows are produced by Gary and Julie Auerbach. Expect to see more documentary slash soap opera slash reality t.v. copycats rolling our way in the near future.

Which is a shame, because personally I don’t care for this genre of reality programming. I see potential for this style spewing forth some very wretched imitations. Also I prefer competition shows where reality participants are forced to eat bugs or lose weight or gay-marry strangers who are really straight. Rollergirls has such a defined narrative that often during the premier episode I found myself actually investing precious pathos in these wheeled women warriors. Indeed! I was moved to worry at some points.

Will newbie skater Venis Envy live up to the hype that everyone has placed on her shoulders? Will sexy star Lux steal the whole show as the bad girl? Will bitter veteran Cha-Cha wash those ugly purple stripes out of her hair? Will homo Gayest Neil eat chocolate almond or rocky road ice cream while watching from home next week?

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