November 03, 2005

She's Gonna Blow!

I attended Stephen’s weekly Runt party last night (by way of my friend Turtle’s birthday party) at Nowhere Bar (14th between 1st and A). Hardly no runts were in attendance (lest they were underfoot, unseen), however a number of bloggers were!

Roll Call:

Jen of Moufa Is Bad made a special appearance with her lovely dyke DJ darling Liz. Love these girls. Liz, I still have that photo of the watermelon to send you. Jen’s birthday party is approaching this weekend. Perhaps a framed gift is in order?

Jerry of Lo Admito. Jerry and his boyfriend Patricio just moved here from Spain. I know Jerry from long ago during my theatre days at the University of Georgia and then later in Atlanta at notorious 797 Penn Avenue. Patricio is a graduate student and Jerry goes to orgies!

Foxy of Foxy. I have actually met this fuzzy trickster on several occasions, however this was the first time I was sober enough to remember him. Foxy is an enthusiastic furry lifestyler and was hoping that there’d be some leftover Halloween furrage to be found. Sadly no. He chilled in his Fox outfit and still managed to blend in wonderfully among the hip Union Square/East Village crowd.

A wonderful time was had among a variety of friends (who don’t write online journals) – also the boyfriend and I continued our elusive hunt for a certain someone for a certain fun for which I’ve devised way too many rules and have mused drunkenly upon with too many people at this point... Please simply let the deed be done!

The village shaman identified the signals months ago, yet hadn't acted on his intuitions: the birds and forest animals fleeing; the plume of smoke drifting lazily from the volcano top; the ground rumbling harder and harder as every day passed. He knew his pagan Gods were preparing to unleash their fury (ecstasy) on the island. It was only a matter of days probably. Such things are inevitable. The village shaman decided it was his duty to take charge and move the tribe himself...


Foxy said...

While I am furry, I am not a furry. (Nor a plushie.) But at least you didn't call me a bear.

QueerPop said...

I miss Athens GA :)