March 26, 2005

Hospice of Cards

Terri's angel will look down from whatever blessed paradise she's sitting in, and she'll witness the fall of Republican party. Her death circus has alienated the far Christian right (the Chrazies) against all the other Republicans (Chrazy-lite). This private issue played out on the floor of Congress has already driven a tremendous wedge, and the resulting political outcome of Terri's imminent passing couldn't be better.

Blue flowers will grow from the unfortunate grave of Ms. Schiavo.

Calls for help to Florida Governor Jeb Bush are met with "My hands are tied." So are your Presidential hopes Jeb.

For fucks sake, are we really considering a president named "Jeb"?

The Bush line resembes the "devolution of the fake-Texas billionaire", from upright and wearing a suit into a hunched, NASCAR hootin' redneck. I don't know where the Bush twins fit in there. Judging from the squinty, weirdly lascivious glances of "Daddy" and "Uncle Jeb", I'd bet these red-blooded, Southern boys could find a few positions.

Oops...I forgot, I can't mention the word "evolution". Let's call it the "de-creation of the fake-Texas billionaire".

Back to Ms. Schiavo, Jeb wishes there was something he could do. If given the chance, he'd roll Terri out in her bed at the 2008 Republican convention.

Terri would be done up in heavy makeup with teased Southern hair. The piggish goblins waving "Bush 2008" signs would launch into a frenzied orgy of cheers and "Oh, she's so pretty! She looks so happy. Thank God, Jeb saved her." I feel queasy.

Politicians are no longer kissing babies, they're kissing patients in vegetative states; the sunny kiss on an infant's cheek replaced with a filthy, public tongue raping. The Christian right gave up on kissing babies a long time ago. That's a fight they've lost too many times. And this one they've lost too. The hourglass keeps going.

Goodbye dear Terri and goodbye Republican solidarity.

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