September 06, 2006

Surprise! Not.

Kiger moved to Seattle a few months ago and New York City is a much less hysterical place. So sad. Everyone misses him. But Greg H. is celebrating a birthday on the 15th, so instantly my clever cranium began working overtime devising a means by which Bryce and I could crate in some Kiger for a surprise visit of everyone's favorite gaysian, not to mention one of Greg's bestest Bettys.

No such luck. Kiger is in Europe that weekend so my delicious scheme was ruined, much like a cake left in the rain.

But you lucky few can still witness my climactic schematic:


Gayest Neil said...

Clarification cause you asked: I didn't plan to ship Kiger across the country in a box. The plan was to have him jump out of a gift box.

If we were shipping him I would have included a bottle of vodka or a six pack of beer in the schematic.

Foxy said...

The Margaret Cho/Kiger joke never gets old to me.