September 05, 2006

Ma Vie en Rose Cinemas

BAM Rose Cinemas is proud to present highlights, award-winners, and sold-out shows from the 2006 NewFest, featuring the best in gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered cinema. (And yes. I cut and pasted that blurb from their website. It was a long weekend.)

I love the BAM Rose Cinema. It has the feel of a small town movie theatre with a consistently excellent and thought provoking selection of independent and blockbuster films. And it's a fun date night with a great little restaurant across the street.

I’ll definitely be there on the 8th to see “For the Love of Dolly”. Check out BAM Rose Cinemas website for their daily movie showings and NewFest’s Best (and gayest) lineup:

Boys Shorts Showcase (Shorts Program) 100min
Fri, Sep 8 at 4:30pm; Sun, Sep 10 at 2pm
Various directors
Gay male relationships, dating, and sex are at the center of this program, which features Available Men, winner of the 2006 NewFest Audience Award for Best Short.

Available Men (2005) 15min
Directed by David Dean Bottrell
Two men mistake each other for the person they were supposed to meet.

Hustler WP (2006) 19min
Directed by Craig Cobb
A pair of unlikely buddies living their own queer underground are on the hunt for drugs and sex.

Pablo, Did You Put on the Washing Machine? (Pablo, Has Puesto La Lavadora) (2004) 3min
Directed by Javier Haba Navarro
A beautiful portrait of a couple in their daily life. Spain.

Dinner Conversation (2005) 4min
Directed by Jim Cashman
The first 'I love you' in a relationship sets some boundaries.

Patriotic (2004) 9min
Directed by David Burns
A meditation on intimacy, dependancy, and control.

Eggs for Breakfast (Huevos, Besos Brujos Y Mucho Amor) (2005) 5min
Directed by Claudio Sodi Zapata
A simple breakfast underscores the difficulties a gay couple have in their relationship. Mexico. In Spanish with English subtitles.

And I Do Not Know Even When (Y No Se Hasta Cuando...) (2004) 15min
Directed by Eduardo Soto-Trillo, Ion Arocena, Laura A Cancho
Two ex-boyfriends run into each other night after night in a gay bar. Spain. In Spanish with English subtitles.

The DL Chronicles (2005) 30min
Directed by Quincy LeNear, Deondray Gossett
A married African-American man lives a double life.

Cruel & Unusual (2006) 67min
Fri, Sep 8 at 6:50pm*
*Q&A with the directors

Directed by Janet Baus, Dan Hunt & Reid Williams
This illuminating documentary looks at the horrific plight of transgendered women forced to serve out their prison sentences in men’s prisons, because prisons place inmates according to anatomical sex, not gender identity. Winner of the 2006 NewFest Audience Award for Best Feature.

For The Love of Dolly (2006) 60min
Fri, Sep 8 at 9:15pm*
*Q&A with the director

Directed by Tai Uhlmann
Country legend Dolly Parton has amassed a remarkably devoted fan following over the years. In this delightfully smart documentary, meet five of her most ardent followers, both men and women, who display quasi-religious devotion to the performer.

In the Girls Room (Shorts Program) 86min
Fri, Sep 8 at 2pm
Sat, Sep 9 at 2pm

Various directors
This collection of shorts examines young women coming to terms with their sexuality or gender, and features Peace Talk, winner of the 2006 NewFest Best Short Award.

The Black Plum (2005) 16min
Directed by Meredyth Wilson
In a unique fairy tale, a young girl finds herself in a strange place.

Doors (2004) 13min
Directed by Mandra Waback
A young girl finds solace in the company of her lonely next-door neighbor. The Netherlands.

Bye Bye Antonia (2005) 15min Directed by Isabella Gresser Toni is coming to terms with her gender. Germany. In German with English subtitles.

Being A Boy (En Kille Som Jag) (2004) 10min
Directed by Mia Olsson
Hanna is 15 and uncomfortable with her female body. Sweden. In Swedish with English subtitles.

Peace Talk (I Fred) (2005) 14min
Directed by Jenifer Malmquist
Two young girls discover each other through playing war. Sweden. In Swedish with English subtitles.

Katie and Kasey (2005) 6min
Directed by Kyla Tomlin
Kasey is coming to terms with her inability to show affection to her girlfriend, Katie, in public.

Open (2005) 12min
Directed by Teale Failla
Through intersecting timelines and modern ideas of monogamy, an open relationship turns the lives of three women into a whirlwind of betrayal, bingo, and sex toys.

Camp Out (2006) 78min
Sat, Sep 9 at 4:30pm*
*Q&A with the director

Directed by Larry Grimaldi & Kirk Marcolina
This entertaining and enlightening doc shows what it’s like to be young, gay, and Christian in America. Camp Out follows campers at the first overnight camp for gay Christian youth. Winner of the 2006 NewFest Showtime Vanguard Award and of the 2006 NewFest Best Documentary Award.

Rag Tag (2006) 98min
Sat, Sep 9 at 6:50pm

Directed by Adaora Nwandu
Young black British boys Rag and Tag share a close bond—perhaps too close. After a trip to Nigeria, they must reconcile their love with pressures from family, friends, finances, and bigotry. Propelled by a fantastic hip-hop score, Rag Tag is a lyrical film about love and friendship set against a cultural backdrop that has never before been seen in gay film.

Boy I Am (2006) 80min
Sat, Sep 9 at 9:15pm*
*Q&A with the directors

Directed by Samantha Feder & Julie Hollar
For some within the lesbian community, the act of FTM (Female to Male) transitioning is viewed at best as a naïve social trend, or, at worst, an anti-feminist rejection of butchness and female power in favor of male privilege. This documentary uses the engaging stories of three NYC-based FTMs to explore this controversy and get to its historical and cultural roots.

White Shadows (2006) 82min
Sun, Sep 10 at 4:30pm*
*Q&A with the director

Directed by Mialyn Hanna
An inspirational story of survival and transformation, White Shadows profiles Dalee Henderson, a famed African-American hairstylist from the deep South living in California. Henderson is diagnosed with AIDS and must reconcile himself to the changes the disease affects upon his body and mind.

Mom (2006) 70min
Sun, Sep 10 at 6:50pm*
*Q&A with the director

Directed by Erin Greenwell
Brooklyn filmmaker Erin Greenwell (21) puts a fun and sexy lesbian twist on the classic buddy comedy formula. Mom follows a pair of market researchers as they conduct interviews in a small town. Uptight Kelly wants to finish her job so she can prepare for an important interview, while carefree Linda finds reason to take her time when a bored housewife enters the mix.

Pick Up the Mic (2005) 95min
Sun, Sep 10 at 9:15pm*
*Q&A with the director

Directed by Alex Hinton
Queer rappers performing queer hip-hop: welcome to the underground world of homohop, a living, breathing contradiction. Hinton embarks on an odyssey to uncover whether there is room for diversity in an industry plagued with misogyny and homophobia. Pick Up the Mic embodies what hip-hop should be representing—unconditional acceptance through music.

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frank's wild lunch said...

I saw FOR THE LOVE OF DOLLY at OutFest this year. It's really cute/crazy. I think my favorite thing about the movie is the fact that one of the producers is named Steak House. Enjoy!