August 11, 2006

You're Invited Today!


Mike P. said...

By Zeus!
Where am I gonna find "purity" let alone a "virgin" in THIS town?!?!

We live in Sodom for Christ's sake.

How about some gum or some tic tacs?

I can do that.
Orange flavored tic tacs.

Ryan Charisma said...

I wish I could go. But alas, you Gayest Neil stole my purity from me in the bathroom at some random party.

I still feel cheap and used.


Gayest Neil said...

oh honey get in line! The number of times Bryce has heard that one...

Paul said...

Can next week's theme be leather & lace??? Please?!

Scott said...

sounds like you guys had fun -- wish i could've gone, but i was busy coughing up a lung :( next time!

circleinasquare said...

Missed another one!
And I'd just scrubbed the recent
stains of degradation
out of my wash and wear purity.