July 21, 2006

Email Between Friends


Within three seconds of playing Fantasia's BEAUTIFUL single "I Believe".

Bryce goes, "This is corny." THREE SECONDS!!!!!! THREE!

The first lyrics! I'm all ready to get my church on and he's like, "Corny." SIGH. Anyways. We listened to a third of it before he played me a single by some all girl, French Canadian, pop quartet from the sixties. They were good. He showed me their picture and they had totally cute hair.


Foxy, when can I come over again and listen to top 40?????


PS Did you ever get your MTL postcard?!??!


Foxy said...

My iTunes is here to rescue you from the Land Of Obscure Music anytime you so desire.

bryce said...

The world already has one Whitney Houston too many.

Ryan Charisma said...

Bryce is smart, you should listen to him more.

Foxy said...

The world has one million Little Precious Indie Darlings too many.