May 17, 2006


Tyzilla names her sixth Top Model tonight.

I hope Jade wins.

She’s a mess. I’m talking an absolute freaking mess. She makes Foxy look downright put together. Here are three of this cycle’s best Jade moments brought to you by the funny folk at YouTube.

Jadebonics. Words can’t express how ignorant Miss Chia Head is. And Ms. Chia Head can’t exactly express words. This clipette is positutely awesorrific.

Ace of Shady. Watch as Jade resorts to shady attacks against her fellow wannabe models during a light-hearted improv contest; one of many examples where Jade’s deep rooted insecurity turned into aggression towards the other young ladies. Or I should say younger?

At 26, Jade is the 2nd oldest contestant in Top Model history!

Wiki-Who? Jade has a Wikipedia entry! Gayest Neil sure don’t have a Wikipedia entry. Tyra crown her tonight!

JadeSpace. Here is her overwrought personal website full of mystikal poetry and her heaviest, personalest ideas and expressions. This girl deserves to be a Dandy!

And finally. The best ever moment of America’s Next Top Model ever! Jade flubs her CoverGirl commercial. I needn’t say any more.

HUMP DAY HIDDEN BONUS! A close 2nd for best ANTM moment ever is when Tyra went ape shit all over Ms. Beer-Weave a few cycles back. Hilarious, heart breaking and cringe inducing.


Gayest Neil said...

So Jade didn't win. Thank God. Congrats Danielle! Dixie in the house of Tyra ya'll!!

Foxy said...


bryce said...

Poor Danielle. She's always gonna talk that way. But at least now she the prettiest girl in America!

MEK the Bear said...

I was going to try and create a wikipedia entry for 'Gayest Neil', but apparently they consider that a vanity page and would delete it shortly after creation. *sigh*

Sorry honey, now if we could just get a book published then we'd have a legitimate excuse to get you a wikipedia listing, let me know when that happens I'll be the first to contribute to your fabulous wiki entry!