May 23, 2006

Bingham Cup Information!

New York Gay Rugby Fans! Here’s the low down for Memorial Day Weekend’s Bingham Cup.

Where are the Games:

The 2006 Bingham Cup will be played on Randall’s Island from May 26-28, 2006. Matches are free and open to the public.

Matches will start at approximately 9:00am and end at 4:30pm. Food and merchandise vendors will be on hand to meet your needs.

To get to Randall’s Island, take the 4, 5, or 6 train to 125th Street and transfer to the M35 bus to Randall’s Island.

Gayest Neil Says:

Ya’ll this bus, affectionately referred to as the “crack bus” will be filled to capacity with gay ruggers, the homeless and Methadone patients. Hooray for you if you fit all three criteria!

On the weekend, the 4 and 5 train have been running LOCAL and the buses are infrequent.

If you plan on seeing a particular match or, especially, if you plan on playing, GET THERE EARLY, EARLY, EARLY!!! You’ve been warned!

Also: Upon crossing the Triborough Bridge to Randall’s Island, the games are the FIRST stop on the island. Look for signs upon getting off the M-35 bus.

When are (Gotham Knight’s) Games:
The home team(s) play at the following times:

Friday the 26th
10:20 a.m.Gotham Knights (B) vs. Phoenix Storm
11:10 a.m. Gotham Knights (A) vs. Manchester Village Spartans
2:10 p.m. Gotham Knights (A) vs. Los Angeles Rebellion
3:50 p.m. Gotham Knights (B) vs. Amsterdam NOP

Saturday the 27th
9:30 a.m. Gotham Knights (B) vs. Minneapolis Mayhem
10:20 a.m. Gotham Knights (A) vs. Sydney Convicts (A)
11:10 a.m. Gotham Knights (A) vs. TBD
1:20 p.m. Gotham Knights (B) vs. Sydney Convicts (B)

Sunday the 28th

Playoffs: There are a slew of playoff and qualifying matches following. You’ll simply have to show up and find out who places for the added drama on Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Where are the parties?
(a.k.a. Gayest Neil can you get me on a list?)

Now we’re talking! and no, I can't get anyone on a list.

Unaffiliated Events:

Tu, May 23 - 8pm - 10pm
Sydney Convicts
Gym Sports Bar,167 8th Av. btw. 18 & 19 St. (Convicted)

Wed, May 24 - 7pm-10pm
San Francisco Fog
Slane Irish Bar,102 MacDougal St. at Bleecker

Wed, May 24 - 8pm - 10pm
Gotham Knights
Gym Sports Bar,167 8th Av. btw. 18 & 19 St. (Rally Knight!)

Fri, May 26 - 8p-10p
Los Angeles Rebellion
The Eagle NYC,554 W. 28 St. btw. 10 & 11 Av.

Fri, May 26 - 8pm-1am
The Dugout,Christopher St. at West St.

Sat, May 27 - 8pm-10pm
Washington Renegades
View Bar,232 8th Av. btw. 21 & 22 St. (After “Showers” Party)

Affiliated Events:

Thursday, May 25 - 7pm-10pm
Bingham Cup Opening Night Party from 7pm to 10pm at Spirit, (530 W. 27th St.) Guests will be welcome to stay at the venue past 10:00pm when Spirit will open their doors to their normal Thursday night audience.Tickets for non-registrants, $50; VIP Tickets, $65. Includes 2 hours of open bar and dinner.

Sunday, May 28 - 7pm-11pm
Bingham Cup Closing Night Partybegins 7pm at Webster Hall, (125 E. 11th St.) Guests are welcome to stay at the venue to take part in the XXL afterparty which commences at 11pm.Tickets for non-registrants, $65; VIP Tickets, $80. Includes 2 hours of open bar and dinner.

Monday, May 29 - 3pm-5pm
Going Away Partyat the Eagle, (554 W. 28th St.) This is a cash bar event with drink specials.

Gayest Neil says: The Closing Night Party is going to be a blast. Well worth the $65. The fee will include an open bar, dinner and a snarling segue into XXL’s afterparty. You also get to see Gayest Neil the drunkest he’s ever been! EVER!

What can you do to support the Gotham Knights?

Aside from attending the games, I ask all my fellow bloggers, particularly if you are in the NYC area and plan on attending, please give a brief shout out and link to this posting. The more people who have quick and easy access to the schedule and dates for the Bingham Cup, the better.

And I’ll make sure to hook you up with a sexy, international, gay rugby hunk at the after party. Sunday night everyone gets loving! I've decided Bryce and I are getting three or four! Woooo!

AND... On a personal note. I'm so thrilled to be playing this weekend. The Bingham Cup (and Plate) is the Holy Grail of gay rugby. I've been training two exhausting years for this opportunity and hope all my friends can make it to see our fabulous team play and, hopefully, win.

Don't forget, this is YOUR team New York City! Get out there this weekend and cheer on your mates! Thank you and see you at the Bingham Cup.


Foxy said...

You neglected to say which games feature Gayest Neil.

Gayest Neil said...

haha. All the Gotham (B) matches feature moi.

FiL said...

GO GO GET EM GOTHAM!! Will be cheering you on from the West Coast.


Mark said...

knock 'em dead, or whatever it is that you ruggers say, you rugby stud!

glenn said...

Shit! is that this weekend?!

GayProf said...

Hey, Good Luck! I hope your team wins. If not, at least I hope you enjoy your time in the scrum. Mmmmm -- Scrum.