March 16, 2006

Train of Thought

Friends, I've written about women getting run over the past few days. And lo, a deaf Texas beauty queen gets run down by a train while text messaging her family.


Granted, she was run over a few days ago, but still… crisis of character here my darlings! Do I parody this horrible situation? Dare I wonder if there exists a gesture for "Girlfriend get the fuck off the traintracks. There's a train a-comin'!"

Why was she walking on traintracks? That's something hobos do, not Texas beauty queens, especiialy not DEAF Texas beauty queens. Nor, I'd imagine, deaf hobos. Man I feel sorry for her family.


bryce said...

Our office erupted in fits of inappropriate laughter earlier today when someone read it out loud.

Then shame at laughing.

Gayest Neil said...

Didya hear the one about the deaf Texas beauty queen who got run over by a train?

She didn't.

Foxy said...

I almost just spit out my Red Bull...

Aaron said...

I didn't laugh. When I saw her photo, I saw a troubled young woman, not just a deaf beauty queen. For one thing, in the photo she's wearing a very, very cheap wig, the kind you buy in the basement of a Duane Reade drugstore. Something on her face told me that she had a rough childhood and ran with a pretty tough crowd as a young adult.

Glenn said...

At first I laughed, then I felt sad, as it just sounds like a lot of things stacked against a person.

The only really funny thing is that it happened in Texas, where the cheerleader/beauty queen mortality rate is quite high.