February 01, 2006

Fermez le Bush!

Last night’s State of the Union address proved to be another anticlimactic showing of American political pageantry.

Would things be different had Kerry won?

I remember the fall of 2004 as an electric collection of months. All of early 2004, in fact, held a sense of potential transformation. This potential for change felt tangible. As though by campaigning and going to rallies we the people of the United States could influence our government and create a regime turnover. I could practically shape it with my very hands. The feeling was euphoric. There may have also been some narcotics involved.

Sitting in Fink’s tiny Brooklyn apartment, developing stories for his website Fink Tank 3000 and jokes for my on-again-off-again web-comic "Mission Accomplished!"; I can’t help but smile remembering how much fun we used to have.

And then that horrible night in November of 2004. Solemnly picking at chicken wings and nursing a warm 40 ounce Bud Light as the televised map of my country blinked more and more red, as though it were bleeding to death. Fink held on to the hope that Ohio would go blue. I quietly put on my shoes and slumped home to New Jersey. I haven't really invested much of my attention in politics since that night.

Some say a dandy shouldn’t have a nose for politics. There are so many better things a true dandy should shove up his snout. After last evening's deplorable diatribe of the state of our crumbling union, my friends, we can’t afford not to understand what is going on in this country.

Do not fret however. I am not turning into a political website. I am, however, taking a brief moment to introduce you to a few websites that I browsed during those euphoric days in 2004 before the country stayed the course with a madman at the helm.

Fink Tank 3000 – My dear friend Fink’s website. Read it everyday. His current project “The Fink Tank 30” are candid interviews with 30 Democrats running for crucial elections in 2006. They may well trump a seated Republican. Exciting stuff.

There’s also a post listing the treacherous Democrats who voted for closure against Judge Alito, putting him in the Supreme Court and thusly ending a woman’s right for choice. Included are their contact information. Call them. Email them.

Boozhy is quite dandy and has a terrific sense of humor regarding the state of our nation. And he also has the Colin Ferrell video posted on his site.

There are the liberal webmags Slate and Salon. And the much perused Daily Kos. All three excellent sources of the opinions I want to hear...


Perhaps I need to council Fink for others. As I said, this dandy’s nose hasn’t been engrossed in politics as of late. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Foxy said...

I never really thought about it, but my interest in keeping up on politics died on that day too. Kinda sad.