January 06, 2006

Dandy Denim

Considering my recent flurry of fitness, I decided to go shopping online for some fashion! The spring social season is coming and a dandy must look his best. Well, H&M has the darlingest online program where you can dress a model (modeled after your very own body-type of course) in whatever outfits you choose! Unfortunately the current "dressing room" options are limited to just denims.

Although there are no shirts to choose from, seeing yourself clad only in jeans (if you were a model mind you) is a charming way to spend an afternoon.

Model-Gayest Neil (left) is wearing H&M's sliq(tm) low slim jeans with denim finish. I'm not exactly sure what denim finish means. I thought all jeans had a denim finish. Oh well! The designers just dress model-Gayest Neil. He doesn't ask questions. Check it out (you'll find it under the Inspirations drop down menu) and make your own model-you a reality!


bryce said...

Yikes! Mutant Neil! The anatomy is all freaky looking. It looks like you have a vagina!

TRAYB said...

That's the scariest thing I've seen all year.
Then I went and created a Model TRAYB. It was like Charles in Charge meets the Jenga Fett clones.

colleen said...

'sup THUNDER THIGHS!!! xxoo c

Jerry said...

I am having WAY too much fun with this (it even lets you pick the nose and lips!!). Freaky.

Derek said...

this was fun, thanks