October 11, 2005

Gayest Jesse

I might be the gayest Neil I know. I'm certainly not, nor ever will be, the gayest Jesse. That dubious (hilarious) honor belongs to Jesse Bashem (pictured). Over the weekend this rock climbing, gymnastic tumbling, fire dummy dragging, swimsuit posing, sash wearing, and donation gathering homo won the first ever title of Mr. Gay International.

Ah...pageantry. Not only do these darling beauty queens possess charm and eloquence, but they are as physically fit as a fireman. Part of the competition involved running a fireman's obstacle course. How queer is that!? Somewhere in the Bronx a burly fireman turns to his comrade and says, "Girlfriend, those suspenders are fab-u-lous!!" Regardless. Congratulations Mr. Gay International. You and your pansy pageant have blown away vacant (but full of helpful Subway safety tips!) Ms. Subways as my most cringe inducing example of weirdo sash subculture. Readers, please enjoy the full article below.

(And in other news happy National Coming Out Day, and happy birthday me. There will be a neurotic homage to my 31st year in the coming days, however I'm late for my Botox.)

And the winner is: Mr. San Diego! The first-ever Mr. Gay International and the Mr. Gay 2006 USA titles were awarded to the same man, Jesse Bashem, 21, of San Diego Saturday night at the Riviera Resort in Palm Springs. (continued)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely boring compared to your previous articles. Maybe you're losing it in your old age.

Gayest Neil said...