August 19, 2005

Holy Salami, Batman!

Artist Mark Chamberlain is in trouble with DC Comics for a series of watercolor paintings featuring Batman, the Caped Crusader, and his loyal sidekick, Robin, in a variety of homoerotic poses. Among them Batman and Robin make out and Batman lounges in the nude. He does wear his cape and mask, however.
DC comics (and members of the Christian Right) are up in arms regarding Batman's Batarang in the buff. The exhibit is currently on display at the Kathleen Cullen Arts Gallery and has been exhibited in Manhattan galleries since 1991. I don't know why, personally? It's all way tired, if you ask me. You did. Didn't you?

Gay superhero? As if there were any other kind. The whole genre was sufficiently parodied with SNL's lampoon, the Ambiguously Gay Duo. Is there a clamor in the artistic world for a mediocre watercolor featuring copyrighted comic icons heavy petting?

I'd guess Mr. Chamberlain felt the need to express his childhood desire for those beloved comic characters to hop off the page and give in to that simmering mentor/student love just hiding under their spandex bikini briefs. I can certaintly relate. If I had a dime for every time I made He-Man and Skeletor make out...

But is this art? Yes. Of course it is. But is it good art? Hmmm... Is Mr. Chamberlain even gay? Mercy, I certainly hope not!

Perhaps if Batman were hairier my interest would be piqued a bit more. But as it stands (err sags...), I'd be much more aroused by a Russ Meyer style slap fight/makeout session between busty, redheaded Batgirl and whip cracking, leather clad Catwoman. I simply must fetch my canvas.


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