August 31, 2005

God is a Dandy!

My apologies.
But I simply don't see it. First it was that dreadful, trans-fatty grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary peeking out from it. (Am I mistaken or is that former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright holding the damned sandwich?!) Then Jesus (or was it Mary again?) showed up in a window at an office complex. Then I read Jesus revealed Himself on a highway overpass... (This link is not the one mentioned. But I felt the mammoth statue of "Big J." was so tacky and wonderful.) Then a different statue of Jesus opened one eye in Hoboken, New Jersey. (of all the God-forsaken places...) And what kind of God would tease His worshippers by only opening one eye. Atleast make it weep blood or something. (Also, one would guess all of those Hispanic fanatics worshipping the idol would get a hint as God chose to make Jesus blue eyed.) And now, the religious wrong has declared that Hurricane Katrina resembled an unborn fetus, six-weeks into the process of becoming a living, breathing, God-fearing human. The message? God is punishing Louisiana for the state's ten abortion clinics.

What of Lousiana and Mississippi's thousands of churches? What of the dedicated followers of Him who have lost their homes and their loved ones? What sort of adoring deity would punish his Flock and test their faith, just to destroy a handful of women's right-to-choose-clinics with such a mythic, meteorological display? What a Drama God, He is!

If so, He's a mighty vain God if you ask me. There are certainly less destructive ways to make such a splash. Ah, thank you. The whole "Fetus in the Clouds" smacks of rotten, over-thought, churlish, fabulous Dandyism!

God is a Dandy. One of those horrible, petulant Dandies (like Alexis), but a Dandy nonetheless. Hmph. Perhaps I should get on my knees more often? You can read the whole story here.

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