June 27, 2005

What of Pride '05?

Sigh. Pride of 2005 was tired; proud, but tired. Like an aging diva in last year's heels, politely applauded for (more out of respect than interest) as she leaves the stage, thus did Pride of 2005 stagger down 5th avenue to that anticlimactic finale on Christopher Street. There were definately proud moments. As a Japanese couple posed infront of the passing parade, I charged to the husband and planted a big kiss on his cheek, much to the surprised delight of his photographer wife. The crowd cheered and he laughed and hugged me. Ah, on Gay Pride Day homoerotic assault becomes benevolent silliness! A few familiar faces in the crowd(Ron, Michaud, Juan, Etienne, Jeff and Reynard) showed up to support the few rugby players marching in the parade. Unfortunately, very few of us walked with two other committments taking precidence over the parade: the fund-raising beer-tent at the grossly commericalized pier dance and the roof-top rugby party. (Ah, the roof-top rugby party; the young diva for whom the crowd cheers as that old queen feebly maintains her crumbling nobless).

Sigh. There seemed to be alot more protestors this year; still very few, but more than last year. A curious ironic moment occurred to me as a group of Islamic men stood next to a group of Jewish men both protesting the parade from the steps of a Catholic cathedral. I'm happy gays can bring people together under a common cause. Who said Pride wasn't an inclusive event? I took a series of photos of the protestors. My photo gallery, Project Protest, will be posted later this week.

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